Theme of IOCER COVID-19

The The International Online Conference on Engineering Response to COVID-19 (IOCER COVID-19) is an interdisciplinary initiative of JIS College of Engineering (An Autonomous Institute) where in scientists, technocrats from field of Academia, Research and Industry will exchange their experiences, novel ideas and state of the art innovations and provide their responses against the pandemic enforced by COVID-19, i.e., Coronavirus disease which is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The whole humanity is fighting against COVID-19 with its scientific and technological resources and this conference will provide a unique platform for sharing latest innovations taking place in various research fields. It would be a confluence of a number of following interdisciplinary topics allied to physical sciences.

Against this backdrop, potential topics for Engineering Response to COVID- 19 may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Computational Science (Data analytics)
  • Computation and Simulation
  • Medical Physics
  • Electronics and Devices
  • Environment and Energy
  • Education and Communication
It is expected that in the conference experts from academia, R&D sectors and industry will exchange their latest inventions and provide a number of solutions to the crisis created by COVID-19.


Track-1: Computational Science (Data analytics)

  • Artificial Intelligence to Detect COVID-19
  • Big Data and Facial Recognition /Mobile Tracking/Mass Surveillance and Virtual COVID-19 screening
  • Block chain to Verify COVID-19
  • Bioinformatics Approaches in COVID-19
  • Cloud Computing and COVID-19

Track-2: Computation and Simulation (Automation)

  • Robotics Solutions for COVID-19
  • GPS, GIS, Drones and Satellite Monitoring System for COVID-19
  • Health sensors and apps for COVID-19
  • UV Light-emitting Disinfection
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and COVID-19

Track-3: Medical Physics (Health Perspectives)

  • Telemedicine and Autonomous Vehicles in COVID-19
  • Tech's Role in tracking, testing, treating COVID-19
  • Low-cost Sprayable Disinfectant
  • Medical Image processing to detect COVID-19

Track-4: Electronics and Devices (Design and Development)

  • Role of Nano Technology to combat COVID-19
  • Rapid Prototyping - Mask, Face Shield, 3D-Printed Ventilators etc.
  • Open-source Ventilator Designs

Track-5: Environment and Energy (Societal Impact)

  • Pandemics and Supply Chain
  • Pandemics and Global recession
  • Technology Adoption and New Life in COVID-19
  • Environment and Ecology impact of COVID - 19

Track-6: Education and Communication

  • Tech’s Role in Education under COVID-19
  • Digital pedagogy & future learning spaces
  • Digital transformation & its societal impact

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline 15th July 2020
Notification of Acceptance of Abstract 22th July 2020
Full Paper Submission Deadline 31th July 2020
Notification of Acceptance & Early Bird Registration 28th September 2020
Final Paper (Camera Ready) Submission & Early Bird Registration Deadline 05th October 2020
Conference Date 08th - 09th October 2020

Registration Fees

Indian Authors INR 5000.00
International Authors USD 200.00

IOCER COVID-19 Conference Committee (Organizing)

Chief Patron:
Mr. Taranjit Singh, MD, JIS Group
Mr. Simarpreet Singh, Director, JIS Group
Mr. Amonjot Singh, Director, JIS Group
Mr. Horjot Singh, Director, JIS Group
Ms. Akanksha Kaur, JIS Group
Dr. M. R. Dave, Director, JIS College of Engineering
Mr. U. S. Mukherjee, Dy. Director, JIS Group
Dr. Sila Singh Ghosh, VP-JIS Group
Dr. Partha Sarkar-Principal, JIS College of Engineering

Program Chair(s):
Prof. Dr. J.K.Mondal, University of Kalyani
Dr. Biswarup Neogi, JISCE
Publication Chair:
Dr. Indranath Sarkar, JISCE
Dr. Sandip Bag, JISCE
Publicity Chair (Announcement, Communication, Publicity):
Dr. Debasish Das, JISCE
International and Industry Relations Chair:
Dr. Sila Singh Ghosh, Registrar, JISCE & VP (CR), JIS Group
Finance Chair:
Dr. Shyam Sundar Santra, JISCE

Registration and Reception Chair:
Mr. Soumyabrata Saha, JISCE, Mrs. Suparna Dasgupta, JISCE
Digital Session Host(s):
Mr. Jit Chakraborty,
Ms. Swati Sikdar,
Mrs. Tanusree Saha,
Srinita Biswas,
Anirban Basu Chowdhury, JISCE

Sponsorship & Networking:
Mr. Aniruddha Biswas,
Dr. P.K . Bardhan,
Debasree Mitra, JISCE

Poster & Certificate Making, E – feedback Collection, Website: Exileex Technologies

Technical Support:(Archiving):
Mr. Suvendu Banerjee,
Mr. Prasenjit Mondal, JISCE
Convener (Joint):
Dr. Sabyasachi Sen, JISCE
Dr. Papun Biswas, JISCE
Mr. Kaustav Das, JISCE

Technical Programme Committee

Sl. Name Affiliation Specialization
1 Dr. Christian Rehtanz Professor, TU Dortmund, Germany Electrical & Electronics
2 Dr. Joseph Olorunfemi Ojo Professor, Tennessee Technological University, USA Electrical & Electronics
3 Dr. David Infield, Research Professor, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK Electrical & Electronics
4 Dr.Gabriele Grandi University of Bologna, Italy Electrical & Electronics
5 Dr.Stig Munk-Nielsen Aalborg University, Denmark Electrical & Electronics
6 Dr. Wang Lipo Professor, Nanyang Technological University Singapore Electrical & Electronics
7 Dr. Kaushik Bandopadhay Professor, JU Civil Engineering
8 Prof. Gautam Majumder Professor, JU Manfacturing Technololgy
9 Dr. Manas K. Sanyal Professor, University of Kalyani BI, AI and Soft Computing, CSE
10 Dr. Soumya Ghosh Scientist, GE Global Research USA AI and Soft Computing, CSE
11 Dr, Abhishek Mukherjee AProfessor, Indian Statistical Institute, Giridih Unit AI and Soft Computing, CSE
12 Professor Bhabatosh Chanda Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit, ISI, Kolkata Computing
13 Prof. Priyadarsi De AProfessor, Indian Statistical Institute, Giridih Unit Genetics
14 Dr.Subhratanu Bhattacharya University of Kalyani Nanotechnology
15 Prof(Dr.)Ashoke Prasun Chattopadhyay University of Kalyani Nanoscience
16 Dr. Biswajit Sarkar Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea Supply Chain Management
17 Dr. Anwesha Khasnobish AScientist, TCS Innovation lab Biomedical Engineering
18 Professor Aleksey Nazarov Faculty of Computer Science / School of Software Engineering Machine learning, Machine Intelligency
19 Prof. Nitin Kumar Tripathi Director, SDP, Information & Communication Technologies, School of Engineering and Technology Information Tech
20 Dr. Srikanta Ghoswami Assistant Professor, National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, Kolkata Cancer Reserach
21 Professor S. Ciraci Department of Physics Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Stanford University, 1974. Nanodevices
22 Dr Sekhar Bhattacharya Principal Thin Film Staff Scientist, Nanofabrication Core Laboratory Solar Cell, Photovoltaic nano-devices
23 Dr. Gionni Marchetti National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics Machiner learning
24 Dr. Prasenjit Seal University Researcher, Depart-ment of Chemistry, University of Helsinky Computational Chemistry
25 Dr. Md. Mehboob Alam Assistant Professor, IIT Bhilai Computational Chemistry
26 Dr. Mrinal Kanti Musib University of Singapore Biomedical Engineering
27 Prof. D. Jana University College of Science and Technology Nanoscience, low-dimensional physic
28 Prof. Subhasis Bhaumik IIEST, Shibpur Robotics
29 Dr. Barbara Montanari STFC Daresbury Laboratory Sci-Tech Daresbury Computational Materials Science
30 Ayan Datta School of Chemical Science Computational Chemistry
31 Dr. Angsuman Sarkar Associate Professor, KGEC, Kalyani VLSI
32 Dr. Mousumy Chattopadhyay Amity University, Noida Computational Chemistry
33 Dr. Sudip Paul BME, NEHU, SHILLONG Biomedical Engineering
34 Dr. Gargi Bhattachaya Future Institute of Engg. & Management, Sonarpur nanotechnology based devices & circuits
35 Dr Sourav Banerjee Kalyani Govt Engg College Computer Science
36 Dr. Shyam Akash ITM Gwalior IoT with FPGA/ASIC, Low power VLSI design
37 Dr. Chinmay Chakraborty BIT Mesra IoT in Healthcare Technology, Medical Imaging, Sensors and Wireless Communication
38 Prof Sravanth K Ramakuri6 AProfessor, Indian Statistical Institute, Giridih Unit AI and Soft Computing, CSE
39 Prof. Tarik A. Rashid Univ. of Kurdistan-Hewler Mathematical and Physical Sciences
40 Dr S.Ananda Kumar VIT Energy efficiency and MAC protocol in Wireless Sensor Network, IoT applications and cloud interfacing, ML
41 Dr Ravi M Yadahalli S G Balekundri Institute of Technology Belagavi Karnataka Planar antennas, Wireless Network
42 Dr. Prasanta Kr Sen CET, IIT KGP Medical Internet of Things, Biomedical Signal processing, Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Design
43 Dr. Uma Bhattacharya Professor, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Computation
44 Dr. Monish Chatterjee Associate Professor, Asansol Engineering College Computation
45 Prof. Fawad Inam Head of Department, Engineering & Computing, University of East London, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, EB 1.102 Docklands Campus, University Way, London, E16 2RD (United Kingdom) Computation
46 Prof. Sanjeev Ohri Chief Officer, Business Development and Dudley Worldwide, Dudley College, The Broadway, Dudley Marketing
47 Prof. Dimitrios Ventzas Instrument & Control Eng - Electrical Eng.,TEI of Thessaly–Larissa–Dept. of Computer Eng. Instrumentation Control
48 Prof. Seppo Sirkemaa Professor,Information Systems Science, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland Information Tech
49 Dr. Samarendra Nath Sur Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engg, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology Electronics and Communication
50 Dr.Subhendu Kumar Pani Professor, OEC,BPUT,Odisha -
51 Dr. Varun Bajaj Asst. Professor, IIITDM Jabalpur -
52 Dr. Mahesh Kolekar Associate Professor, IIT Patna -

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